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Logs and Woodmulch

We supply seasoned firewood locally sourced from ash, beech and oak and other hardwoods. We offer hardwood logs, softwood logs or a mixture of both. A measured load is 1 cubic metre in volume, which is about 320 logs. Standard logs are 8”-10” in length but other lengths can be cut to order.

Our logs have a low moisture content, making them suitable for woodburning stoves and open fires. We also sell Kiln dried hardwood logs. These have a mositure content of 12-15% which is the recommended percentage for woodburning stoves and provides an excellent heat.

Kiln dried logs:  £150 per load

Seasoned hardwood logs: £115 per load

Double load Seasoned softwood logs: £150 per load

Mixed hardwood and softwood logs: £100 per load

We sell woodmulch. This has a multitude of uses and is £120 per load:

  • Top dressing for flower beds and weed suppressor
  • Mulch for moisture retention
  • Safety flooring for play equipment
  • Paths and vegetable gardens


Barn stored logs and matured woodmulch suitable for flowerbeds.