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Planting is one of the most important and enjoyable services we offer. We can help you choose species that are both sympathetic with the landscape and suitable to the ground conditions. All of the trees and plants we use are of good provenance, supplied by well-known, reputable nurseries.

Planting can help you get more out of your land, revitalising it for decorative or productive purposes. The focus could be for landscaping, food or firewood and it can also help to create a native wildlife habitat.

As well as trees and plants, we can also supply mulching mats, stakes and guards against deer, rabbits and voles, should they be required.

Substantial planting grants are available from the Forestry Commission so please ask us for further details or advice.

Before: Owners of this garden wanted to hide newly built house on neighbouring plot.

After: Three semi mature trees will quickly hide the problem!